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Writing Notes ~

Next installment: April 17, 2015* for A Gamble with a King, Before the Mast, No Prey, No Pay, and Between the Fates.

*Certain chapters may receive an update earlier! However, all four stories will have their latest issues by no later than the listed date. Thank you for your patience!

In progress:

:bulletblack: One Piece: Before the Mast - Smoker x OC [Chapter 4]
:bulletpurple: One Piece: No Prey, No Pay - Shanks x OC x Dracule Mihawk [Chapter 15]
:bulletblack: Marvel: Between the Fates - Steve Rogers x Reader [Chapter 5]
:bulletpurple: Yu-Gi-Oh!: A Gamble with a King - Seto Kaiba x Reader [Chapter 2]

Completed outlines:

:bulletblack: Nolanverse: TBD - Bane x OC/Reader
:bulletpurple: Naruto: TBD - Itachi Uchiha x OC
:bulletblack: Naruto: TBD - Madara Uchiha x OC x Tobirama Senju

Thought Zone:

:bulletpurple: One Piece: Nami x Vivi
:bulletblack: One Piece: Corazon x OC
:bulletpurple: One Piece: Sir Crocodile x OC
:bulletblack: One Piece: Fem!Sanji x Zoro
:bulletpurple: One Piece: Fem!Ace x Marco
:bulletblack: Naruto: Hidan x OC
:bulletpurple: Naruto: Kisame X OC
:bulletblack: FMA: Edward Elric x OC
:bulletpurple: Wolf's Rain: Tsume x OC; Kiba x OC
:bulletblack: Marvel: Steve x Tony AU
:bulletpurple: Marvel: Loki x OC/Reader
:bulletblack: Pokemon: Wallace x OC/Reader

None of my stories are discontinued, despite any absent updates (in this case, namely NPNP). I mostly operate on what readers seem most enthused about and go from there.

A Wild Assembly of a Quixotic Writer

In short, a mess.

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yo (ho), i'm bat and i have a passion for written fashion.

21 / enfp / space cadet & professional sassmaster / !!!!!!

i'm a self-taught writer with high ambitions and interstellar goals. turtles and pugs send me into an emotional coma, as well as movie trailers. i cry over everything, especially when i get really excited, so i'm 100% unchill whenever i start using exclamation marks. (!!!!!) i'm not a huge fan of talking about myself, but i will say this: i've got hella cute purple hair!

you can also find me on a few other sites!: :blowkiss:
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yeah, no

Fri Jan 30, 2015, 10:19 AM
So I wasn't planning on saying this. Mostly because it's one of those blips that already falls under Common Sense, and I hate to be patronizing.

But then again...

When you post your content to a media-sharing site, you open yourself up for critique. You expose your work to criticisms, new interpretations, and readers who will share their responses to your work. If you don't want to see comments, you can disable that option and avoid it altogether. However, you don't get to pick and choose what your readers say. That's censorship.

Critique and constructive criticism are a part of sharing your art. Unless they directly say "man, this shit sucks", you don't get to dictate their warranted comments.

Jesus Christ, I thought this was basic 101. "Welcome to the internet! Prepare to grow some skin!"

If my readers ever feel the need to say "dude, this sucks", say it. Or say it however you want. Or don't say it at all! Who am I to tell you what to fucking write?

I'm so out. So, so out. What a way to wake up to today.

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