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Writing Notes ~

Next installment: TBD.

In progress:

:bulletblack: One Piece: Before the Mast - Smoker x OC [Chapter 4]
:bulletpurple: One Piece: No Prey, No Pay - Shanks x OC x Dracule Mihawk [Chapter 15]
:bulletblack: Marvel: Between the Fates - Steve Rogers x Reader [Chapter 4]
:bulletpurple: Yu-Gi-Oh!: A Gamble with a King - Seto Kaiba x Reader [Chapter 2]

Completed outlines:

:bulletblack: Nolanverse: TBD - Bane x OC/Reader
:bulletpurple: Naruto: TBD - Itachi Uchiha x OC
:bulletblack: Naruto: TBD - Madara Uchiha x OC x Tobirama Senju

Thought Zone:

:bulletpurple: One Piece: Nami x Vivi
:bulletblack: One Piece: Corazon x OC
:bulletpurple: One Piece: Sir Crocodile x OC
:bulletblack: One Piece: Fem!Sanji x Zoro
:bulletpurple: One Piece: Fem!Ace x Marco
:bulletblack: Naruto: Hidan x OC
:bulletpurple: Naruto: Kisame X OC
:bulletblack: FMA: Edward Elric x OC
:bulletpurple: Wolf's Rain: Tsume x OC; Kiba x OC
:bulletblack: Marvel: Steve x Tony AU
:bulletpurple: Marvel: Loki x OC/Reader
:bulletblack: Pokemon: Wallace x OC/Reader

None of my stories are discontinued, despite any absent updates (in this case, namely NPNP). I mostly operate on what readers seem most enthused about and go from there.

Happy, happy; joy, joy!

LET THE STAMPS EMPOWER YOU! This is a safe, positive zone where there's no room for self-doubt, reluctance, insecurity, or regret!

Current bae: Seto Stamp 10 by NowellsStamps

My Darkest Days Stamp by darkdissolutionWinter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseThey're Watching Stamp by mirz-altanatomy stamp by boneworksI love to write Stamp by HappyStampmythology by gyenesMusic by TheKikiWorldLove Feedback Stamp by Mirz123Smoker Stamp by KobatsuDA Fanfic Writer by Wearwolfaa:: We love our King :: by adamyDreams Stamp by Kezzi-RoseDescribe Color Red by mylastelLibra Stamp by mylastelActing How Others Want You To Be Stamp by mylastelMake Life Extraordinary Stamp by mylastelStamp: A Single Pencil (Challenge: Object) by apparateStamp: I love Books by apparateThe Fairytale Stamp by Mel-RoseyStamp: I love Watermelon by apparateVintage Typewriter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseChristopher Robin Stamp by Mel-Roseyroses by makeitstampyDont Ask Stamp by mirz-altEvery Morning... by mylastelTaking a chance stamp by Mel-RoseyI will still love you Stamp by Mel-RoseyPleasing Everyone Stamp by Mel-RoseyHug a Cactus Stamp by mylastelBooks Stamp by mylastelSTARfish Stamp by mylastelArt saves me Stamp by Mel-RoseyI Love Chai Tea #Stamp by JEricaMFeminism Stamp by StampMakerLKJOriginal Characters stamp by StampMakerLKJInspire Stamp by Mel-RoseyI Love To Travel Stamp by devils-horizonWhen you feel like giving up... by IceXDragonVintage Canada Stamp by GasaraOctopus Stamp by ladieofficalNovice Stamp by J7MiGiBreak of Dawn Stamp by Mel-RoseyRequest: Perona Stamp by WhiteShadow234Yuri Fangirls 2 by TheOriginalTahPansexual Stamp by sunbirds


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

yo (ho), i'm bat and i have a passion for written fashion.


21 / enfp / professional sassmaster / !!!!!!

i'm a self-taught writer with high ambitions and interstellar goals. turtles and pugs send me into an emotional coma, as well as movie trailers. i cry over everything, especially when i get really excited, so i'm 100% unchill whenever i start using exclamation marks. (!!!!!) i'm not a huge fan of talking about myself, but i will say this: i've got hella cute pink hair!

you can also find me on a few other sites!: :blowkiss:
:bulletpurple: fanfiction
:bulletpurple: tumblr

q #1

Sat Jan 10, 2015, 8:20 PM
my headspace is pretty crammed tonight, so excuse my narcissistic indulgence. it's been a lifetime since i filled out one of these. i'm not tagging anyone, but if you spot it and want to do it, totally go for it!

Who is your role model? George, and I'm pretty preferential to the works of Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Who is your shoulder to cry on? Shelby.
Who can you always smile around? I smile around everyone!
Do you think smoking is hot? If the person smoking is.

Who do you trust the most? Shelby/Vee/Lori/Shannon/Velvet/Ilse
What is your talent? Writing, and I'm surprisingly skilled when it comes to instruments and languages. My brain's kind of a sponge.
What do you always say? Fuck / jesus christ / sorry / duuuuuude
What do you always cry over? I'm the biggest crybaby in the world. Like, anything. I cry over everything, especially when I'm happy.
What is your hangout place? uhhhh the living room? my work place? idk there's not a lot here
What are you doing right now? Chatting up some dorks on skype.

How many friends do you have online? everyone's kind of online at this point, so i guess infinity.
How do you always find out secrets? People have a tendency to gossip lol
How happy are you 1-10? The root of 100.
How many people have you kissed? A lot.
How many BEST FRIENDS do you have? aaaaah i really don't like that term. i don't believe in best friends but i have some incredible people in my life.

Why did you cry last? a l'il bit of heartache
Why do you like your friends so much? It might relate to the fact that they're kinda the light of my life.
Why are you extremely happy or very sad? my emotions have a tendency to get dramatic. >_>
Why do you like your crush? She's a fucking dream. 
Why are you doing this right now? procrastinating everything else.

  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Demons - Christina Grimmie
  • Reading: Daughter of Smoke & Bones - Laini Taylor
  • Drinking: Water



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